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get to know me meme
[2/10] favorite relationships
lucas scott and peyton sawyer

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Naley Appreciation Week - Day Two: Favorite Quote

"Last year we stood on a beach and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always, always protect you. And that day, nobody believed that this would work. But I don’t think that anybody understood the love that I had for you; because, if they did, they would have never doubted us. So I wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of our world. Because today, when I look into your eyes my love for you only grows. It’s even stronger now. And that love will never waver. This I vow to you today and always and forever.”

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Peyton + sense of humor

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TV MEME: 5/8 OTPs: Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper (The O.C)

I remember the first time I saw her. She was wearing this white top thing and I think she had jeans on. She was standing at the bottom of the driveway and I thought… I thought she was really hot. Really hot. She gave me this smile.”

Spoby by episode It’s Alive, 2x01 deleted scene

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"Breakfast club, you were the priss." "Let me guess, you were the stoner?" "If you say so, they end up together.”

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